About Cemacon

Founded in 1969 in Zalău, CEMACON S.A. has 50 years of experience in the production of building materials. The company has focused on obtaining an optimal recipe for ceramic blocks and it currently has a modern, automatized manufacturing line that allows the production of innovative products, in line with the highest existing global standards.

CEMACON promotes the concept of “green buildings”, including through the development of the only ceramic block in Romania that does not require additional thermal insulation, EVOCERAMIC 44 LM.



The story of CEMACON began in 1969, in the City of Zalau, Salaj County. The ceramic blocks manufacturer has gained notoriety in the region in over four decades of existence.

The company was “reborn” six years ago, when CEMACON gained national recognition. With the 2010 complete change in management, CEMACON expanded its distribution network, limited up until then to 10 distributors from three counties, located in Northwest Romania, to 255 delivery points in 2019.

Four years ago, the production of brick was completely taken over by the manufacturing line in Recea, Salaj County. A new factory was inaugurated here, supported by the most modern production line in South-eastern Europe. The company’s offices have been moved to Cluj-Napoca, an active city, highly connected to the Romanian and foreign business environment. The factory from Zalău has been put under conservation, although its production line underwent a modernisation process in 2007.

In 2013, CEMACON launched on the construction materials market, characterised until then by outdated offers, the EVOCERAMIC brand, an innovative range of products due to their atypical dimensions and features. The EVOCERAMIC bricks are bigger than other products on the market and have a unique configuration that allows builders to complete their work faster and at a lower cost. The EVOCERAMIC brand includes EVOCERAMIC 44 LM, the only brick in Romania that no longer requires thermal insulation. The beneficiaries save money otherwise spent on thermal insulation, auxiliaries or workmanship.

It wasn’t long before the builders or beneficiaries took notice and started appreciating the EVOCERAMIC qualities. In 2014, the Recea factory was operating at full capacity; the supplementing of the production line was the next step in 2015. The best solution was to reboot the production line in Zalau. A technological refurbishment process has already begun so that the on-site equipment can produce EVOCERAMIC bricks.

The CEMACON success story continues!

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