Corporate Governance


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Dear Partner,

Two of the principles guiding our activity at CEMACON are ethics and transparency in business. Only by having the right business practices towards customers, suppliers, partners, colleagues, shareholders and the business environment, doubled by decision-making and organisational transparency, can one be a strong partner, an important economic actor and a trusted employer.

In line with our business principles, CEMACON takes a step further and develops the company’s Corporate Governance Rules.

These Regulations represent a commitment of the company’s leadership, that guarantee business integrity, a business philosophy based on mutual gain and collaboration for customers and partners, access to the business process and an accurate informing of the shareholders, as well as a work environment in which employees can feel valued and rewarded for their work.

The development and implementation of corporate governance principles is proof of the company's evolution, in line with CEMACON’s vision of being synonymous with evolved constructions.

Thank you for being part of CEMACON’s path to success and I invite you to further discover the commitments we take and assume publicly.

Liviu Stoleru,
CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors


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