We know how hard it is to build a house from scratch. We know how hard it is to get each authorisation, then to find the right hands which can convert simple construction materials into a home.

We know what it takes to turn a project into something real. It takes hard work and that there’s no room for compromise.

Here, at CEMACON, we understand perfectly what it means to work in constructions. This is what we do for 50 years now. In all these years we didn’t make a single compromise. We learned there is only one way to develop the most advanced masonry solutions. This is why the desire to innovate became an obsession to us and in the same time, the basic principle in the design process of our bricks.

We are constantly investing in research and development to provide innovative solutions for efficient constructions to our clients. The latest technology we use allows us to produce construction materials to the highest standards of efficiency and resistance. The products from the EVOCERAMIC range combine innovation with technology in order to provide superior performances to other products on the market, whether it is about a lower consumption of mortar, reduced wastage or increased thermal efficiency.

We believe in the evolution of building. Therefore, every day we roll up our sleeves and we work with the same passion. Because we enjoy what we do.


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