Mission & Vision


CEMACON believes in evolved constructions. Therefore, we constantly invest in technology and research to develop unique products that bring a real benefit to those who use them. For us, innovation is a way of being. Our goal is to find new, superior solutions and to set new trends on the Romanian building materials market.

We developed the new EVOCERAMIC range of products that combines innovation with the latest technology and we created solutions for people and for performant, intelligent buildings.


We strive to become the leader of the Romanian brick market and we want our name to be synonimous with “evolved constructions”.

To achieve this goal, we set a course focused on sustainable and constant growth, which is based on the following core values:

  • Innovation:  we constantly invest in technology and research to develop unique and evolved products. We innovate in all the aspects of our work.
  • Creativity: we seek inspiration in the life and in the activity of our clients in order to find solutions that will allow us to deliver superior products to those who use them.
  • Performance: for our shareholders and for our clients through company’s results and attitude.
  • Courage: we believe in what we do and we are not afraid of any challenge.
  • Environment: we use natural materials to manufacture our products and we encourage green building solutions.
  • Responsibility: we are part of the community and we give back the help we receive from it.
  • Fun: really good things are made with passion and determination, but also with a smile on the face.
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