EVOCERAMIC Floating ceramic tiles EVOCERAMIC


No matter if it is about an urban villa with cubic style, of a classic balcony or a Mediterranean garden or even a surface around a highly used hotel pool, this type of floor can be the focus point of the entire space. With a modern design, in line with current trends, and a range of colours inspired by nature, the floating ceramic floor tiles EVOCERAMIC offer your that back to nature feeling, the emotional comfort and a state of mindfulness matching the environment.
Beyond aspect and functionality, using the CLIPS fixing system, you can easily perform the entire installation, without the help of an expert or any additional materials.

Tile size300 mm x 300 mm x 32 mm
Tile weight2.95 kg
No. of tiles/box(4 pieces/box) (0.364sqm/box)


  • Floating flooring
  • Natural finish
  • Tile composition: natural and environmentally-friendly materials
  • The high density polypropylene base bears the high service load
  • Resistance to discoloration/UV
  • Resistance to frost/defrost
  • Resistance to abrasion
  • Anti-slippery surface
  • Slip resistance meets the requirements for wet areas
  • Class A for fire reaction
  • Installation not dependent on outdoor temperature
  • Detachable
  • No additional installation materials needed
  • No maintenance needed during its lifespan; cleaning is done using a water jet washer

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