The CEMACON factory


The most modern brick factory in Romania

In 2010, we opened the new CEMACON factory from Recea, Sălaj county, the result of an investment of 26 million euros. Thus, for the manufacture of the EVOCERAMIC bricks, we have the largest brick factory in Romania, with the most modern production line in Eastern Europe, with a production capacity of 400.000 cubic meters per year. The manufacture of the bricks became 100% automated and the human facor intervenes only in the supervision of the used programs.

For us, the protection of the environment is a priority. That is why we designed the new factory without a compromise. For the manufacture of the EVOCERAMIC bricks we use only natural materials and state of the art equipment with low energy consumption. Because we promote and we believe in the concept of “green buildings”, our factory had to be the first to respect this principle.

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